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Welcome to DLS-STI College

De Los Santos College was established and recognized by DECS in 1975 as part of the expanding services of the De Los Santos Medical Center to the Filipino community. The school opened its College of Nursing with only 65 students. In the school's interest to ensure quality students for its system, only student applicants with a minimum rating of 95% in their NCEE were accepted in the College of Nursing. By 1979, forty-two of its first Nursing students graduated with 135 students enrolled. Through diligence and careful management, the student population increased to 300. Since its opening in 1975, the School of Nursing has always been a separate institution from the hospital. It became the De Los Santos School of Nursing in 1976 with Mrs. Lydia G. Tapia as its first Executive Dean. The courses, which the school offered, continued to increase as it kept pace with its maturing years. In 1981, the school opened courses in Junior Secretarial and Midwifery. Two years later, its first batch of enrollees graduated. In the next decade, the De Los Santos College has added to its line the College of Physical Therapy, which received DECS authority to operate in June 1993.

In September 2002, De Los Santos College, Inc. entered into a strategic partnership with the Systems Technological Institute, a premier provider of quality Information & Communications Technology centered educational institution. This merger was a strategic move on both parties to be globally competitive as the leading ICT enhanced healthcare learning institution. Thus, the corporate name De Los Santos College, Inc. was amended to De Los Santos - STI College, Inc. To date, the institution is continuosly creating and providing an educational environment responsive to the national goals centered on its students and the community it serves.